2019 Build Season Update

It has been over a month since 2019 Deep Space kick-off, and what a wild month it has been. Our first couple of weeks of build season was spent brainstorming. Everyone on the team contributed diverse and creative ideas. Deep Space brought out a lot of interesting opportunities and potential issues that the team had to consider. Eventually, however, we were able to decide on our final design and our plan of attack! Our goal is to get as many points as we can. To achieve that we decided to go the extra mile with our strategy. We plan on including a vacuum like mechanism to carry both hatch panels and cargo, as well as climbing to the 3rd level HAB platform.  There has been a lot of lost time due to the weather, but we are working twice as hard as we have been in order to make the “bag and tag” deadline, February 19th; when we bag our robot up and we are prohibited from working on it until competition. It has been a challenging month, but we know the pay-off will be worth it.