Bethesda Competition Recap

On March 9th, Team 5115 participated in our first district competition in Bethesda, Mayland. Although our robot KITT didn’t start out on the best note, we saw great improvements throughout the weekend. We learned to adapt our drivers, robot, and code to this competition. We faced many challenges with our intake mechanism, driver communication, and power but we learned to overcome all of them. Our suction intake which was non compliant at first became much more reliable after some programming fixes, and our drivers were able to advance their skills and already deep understanding of the game as the day progressed, making it easier to rack up points. As for our power issues, the team worked quickly and efficiently to locate the error (a faulty battery) and move on. Despite our progress, we still did not make it past qualification matches. Our unreliable performance at the beginning of the competition lost us a spot in an alliance, but we hope to continue growing as a team and rise to greater heights as the season goes on.