IROC Recap

We participated in the IROC off-season competition at Battlefield High School, VA. It was very exciting and a fun experience without the stress. After the first mach we placed 3rd place, and while our ranking dropped as we progressed, our ranking was never below 20th place. We were picked by team 623 for finals as part of the 5th alliance. We won our way up to semi-finals where we finally lost on our second match, ending our competition at 16th place. Throughout the competition our coding team worked to develop, test, and perfect their new auto code. The team worked well together and the competition proved to be a great learning experience for our rookies. We look forward to competing against such great teams in the future and hope to always improve!


  • IROC competition on 10/30/18
  • placed 3, after first match
  • never went below 20 rank
  • ended with 16 place
  • picked by team 623 for final alliance 5th alliance
  • went against 4th alliance for quarter finals
  • made it to semi finals
  • second semi match lost
  • always testing code
  • wrote new auto code
  • nothing really broke mechanically
  • ups and down but worked together
  • overall a good learning experience for rookies and for team over all
  • looking forward to the next competitions.