Oxon Hill Competition Recap

Team 5115 completed in our last competition of the 2019 season at Oxon Hill High School on March 22-24. It was a long two days and although we are disappointed that we did not come home with a blue banner we are immensely proud of our hard work and constant improvement throughout the weekend. The team worked tirelessly between matches to fix issue that occurred including autonomous arm control, roborio connection, and issues with our climbing mechanism. Our drivers made incredible improvements each match, working well under pressure and working around robot issues. Everyone agreed that our robot KITT looked better than he has ever been this season, making us more confident and hopeful. Our hard work did not go unnoticed by other teams, and a sincere thank you goes out to Team 3650 and Team 116 for asking us to join their alliance, helping us secure a spot in qualification matches for the first time this season. A congratulation goes out to our team co-captain Viruni who was selected as a finalist for the District Dean’s Award, a nomination we are immensely proud of her for. This competition loss has allowed all of Team 5115 to reflect back. The team lost a lot of important students last year, and it seemed like this season we were starting fresh with a whole new lineup of rookies. When that is considered, we are amazed at how much our relatively inexperienced team was able to accomplish, and the excitement for what next season will bring is already building. We can’t wait to work harder than we already have in order to continue to improve and have what it takes to win a competition.